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Save $4000* worth (per employee) by using this Workflow Resource Management.


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Blue lichi Communication

Effective Communications with Synchronized Emails/ Messages.

Instant and Synchronized Communication with everyone related to Project. No hassels of keep reminding everyone of a single message/ email/ or an update.

With Blue Lichi's Instant and Synchronized communications everyone related to the project gets updated simultaneously. The Project Leader has not to worry about the updates or reminding the people concerned. The top management to the last person in the work allotment are always up with the fresh feeds. The networked communication with every related person messaging ( texts, images, videos content etc.) back and forth are instantly archived for future reference and recall.

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Blue lichi Communication

Effective Archiving and Referencing

Release your stress over the Problems of Archiving, Referencing and Retriving of Previous and Updated Data and get all data through Search facility.

With Blue Lichi's effective archiving facility of the project related content and communication, the agencies can refer to the previous works at the single click search. The archiving of the data strengthens the future referencing and recall of the data in need. The robust cloud storage facility makes Blue Lichi one of the best storage for data archiving.

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Blue lichi Communication

Efficient Workflow and Time Saving with Profits

Cost cutting via Time Saving in unnecessary communications and inefficient workflow and thereby generating a good margin of profits.

Smooth workflow creates an environment of the optimized use of resources and enery-full ambience of the workplace. With Blue Lichi when your organization masters over the effective communication and efficient archving, it automatically starts to generate the more work within the same resources. It has been estimated that an instution could save up to $4000 and more at the rate of per employee savings which effectively is cost reduction and profit generation. Save tonnes while you work more with the same resources.

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Efficient Workflow

Creates an efficient workflow system so that no one has to worry about the problem of missing communications or files.

Time Manage

Time Saving

Saves lots of time which is generally wasted in finding archives, missing communications, files, updates etc.


Email Integration

Easily integrates with third party email clients and manages the communication with inbuilt email facility.


Vendor Management

Vendor Management for the jobs sent outsied the work premises like pritning or any other embellishments.


Billing Management

Keeps Billing Management like invoicing, payment follow ups, money received, etc. and keeps the accounts department free from such hassels.


Client Follow Up

Centralized client follow up system keeps everyone related to the project remains updated about the follow up on the project.


Cloud Based

Available for mobile, desktop, tabs etc using secure cloud based technology. So one have not worry about the data archving and backups.


Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training Sessions for the entire staff to efficiently extract the most of the application and roll more profits.

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